Managerial Educational Administration is one of fundamental function from education administration. This function is entire effort compile, developing, construct condition become fluent, perfection and respect.
Based on all expert, there are some administration function having the character of managerial. According to George Terry, the functions are:

· Planning
· Organizing
· Directing
· Budgeting
· Coordinating
· Reporting
Among of the function are filling each other, interconnected one another form one intact union. Every function need the other function.
This paper will all function of educational administration briefly.

According to William H. Newman (1978, 15) stated that “Planning is deciding in advance what is to be done’.
Therefore, according to Louise Allen, “Planning is determination of course of action to achieve a desired result”.
So, we can conclude that planning in educational administration is activities to think and to choose the action network which concentrated to reaching of intentions and education target network.

1. Kinds of Planning
Based on the certain time, planning type can be grouped to three types, they are: 1. short term plan, 2. middle term plan, 3. long term plan.
Types of planning can also grouped into two types, based on the frequency of usage, they are: permanent plan and once wear plan.

2. Usage of Planning in Educational Administration
Goals Determination to and reachable possible
As determinant program the teaching and education which is carried out
Directive for the compilation of activity schedule
Base to compile the procedure of execution and teaching and education development.
Compilation of Budget and earnings of school expense

3. Process of Making Plan
Formulating important problem
Mustering complete data information hit the needed activity
Analyzing and evaluating and also make the classification of existing data and information
Determining opinion base and making the limitation
Determining most conducive alternative and priority.
Specifying most precise plan
Making detail plan and schedule for the time in correct formation
Approximating management process
Evaluating plan

4. Scheduling of Plan
Data Collecting
Analyze the Fact
Plan Compilation which concrete

My Comment :
Planning is first and especial activity once in target attainment. Almost every activity need the matured planning. Included in education administration require the planning. So that education management walk at ease.

Simply the definition organization according to Bayle is a collection of people working together in a division of labor to achieve a common purpose.
While the definition of organizational as one of function of educational administration is activities to compile and to form the relation, so that existed by union of effort in reaching intentions and education target.
According to Drs. Yusak Burhanuddin, in his book that the title is Administrasi Pendidikan, the functions of organization are:
Specifying area work, method and appliance required and also required personnel.
Opening relation to personnel in concerned, responsibility, authority, their rights and obligations so that quicken reaching of organizational target.
My Comment:
Organization as administration function become the especial duty [of] education leaders of[is inclusive of headmaster. What require to be paid attention to in organization is duty division, authority and responsibility, shall be adapted for [by] a experience, talent, enthusiasm, knowledge, and personality each one needed in running the duties.

Directing is systematic effort to instruct the organizational mechanism.
In more special directing is effort determine the direction , looking after, moving forward organization through every individual in concerned structurally and also functional so that every activity is not quit of target attainment.
Forms of Directing
Forms of directing can be grouped into three forms, they are: oral, writing and deed.
Directing Core
Directing core is effective communications. Seen from its process [is] divisible communications to two shares: one way traffic communication and two way traffic communication.
Both of process communications can be done by hence media ( visual audio). In this case need is also paid attention to direct to can reach the target, hence communications shall: clearity, consistency, and adequacy, timing, uniformity, acceptance.

D. Budgeting
Budgeting in taking care of mechanism fluency of organization without exception of education management.
To fulfill fund requirement in budgeting education management, there are some fund source which can be utilized, that are
a. Fund from central government
b. Fund from local government
c. Fund SPP
d. Fund BP-3
e. Donor
f. Other; Dissimilar Efforts which do not fasten
My Comment:
Directing and budgeting are very important in managerial educational administration

Coordination is activity to bring the people, material, mind, technique and target into harmonious [relation/link] and target into productive and harmonious to reach the target.
The benefit of coordinating for organization itself:
· Can be avoided the feeling each other release among each part of and worker of organization.
· Can avoid [is] relying on each other position and quarrel among them and usher part of organization
· Can avoid the double duty and certain shares executor blankness in organization
· Pushing functionary to mutually assisting and advise the problem faced to parts of other.

Report is gathering from all note of activity and experience in structured execution systematically. Perhaps note for the report of good not only good things record and attainment of eye efficacy but also all bitter experience which also entered so that can become the lesson substance in order it is not to come again in the future
Generally report of education classified into two category:
· Achievement report learn and student activity
· School report.

My Comment:
Existence of all kinds of duty done by many people, needing the existence of coordination from a leader. With the existence of good coordination, all shares and personal can cooperate to go to one way of target which have been specified and obviate the possibility of the happening of indisposed emulation
Every action will be asked by the report or its responsibility.

A. Arrangement of Educational and Instruction.
To support the process learn to teach in order to reaching higher level education target, hence process the instruction also require the arrangement. Therefore, in instruction activity elaborated in advance education target by hierarkis.
They are:
· Formulating education target of various level
· Compiling school calendar
· Compiling annual job Program
· Formulating formulation of duty and burden determination teach
· Compiling schedule
· Compiling Program learn to teach more go forward
· Compiling assessment phase of result of learning and process to learn
· Progress Report learn student

B. School Community Relationship
School represent one part of from a society. Become the school arrangement have to be seen in its relation with the component in other education management and attributed to all society program.
Purposes of School Community Relationship are:
· Defining how important school for society is
· Developing to arrange the relation between school and society
· Giving information to society about content and execution program the school
· Getting support and aid of moral and also financial needed for school development
· Developing tighter cooperation between family and school in educating children.

My Comment:
Arrangement very needed in the field of teaching and education. So that, all education target can be reached others school relation with the society shall be harmonious and equipping each other because school is the part of society also.

C. Student Operational
Activity in the field of this student operationally include the service to student which can equip instruction in class that is need, interest, welfare. detailed is duties which is come within in the field of cover :
Managing and preparing pupil data
Listing pupil attendance at school
Acceptance, orientation and classification and pupil indicator to class and program the study
Evaluate and reporting of pupil progress
Supervise the programs for pupil having disparity
Operation of pupil Discipline
Personal adjustment, social, [is] emotional the than pupil
· Organizational intra school.

D. Operational Equipment
Administration of Medium education represent all activity process planned and laboured in intend and mean business and also construction by continue to education object, [so that/ to be] ever ready for use in course of learning to teach, so that process to learn to teach effective progressively efficient and utilize to assist reaching of education target which have been specified
Chronologically operational, activity of administration and medium of education cover the:
· Planning of goods Levying
· Qualification Client
· Goods Levying
· Depository, stocktaking, channeling
· Conservancy and rehabilitate the
· Abolition and elimination
· Operation.
My Comment:
Sometimes student area less be professional and less be optimal serve the student. For that need the existence of training to officer placed in this area. The right man in the right place.

E. Personnel Administration
Officer at one particular school all human being joined in job of equal at one particular school for execute the duties in reaching education target. They are consisted of headmaster, vice of headmaster, teacher, lead to arrange the effort, all employees arrange the effort is inclusive of courier.
Officer of school employees consisted of the:
· Employee of Educative academic that is teacher or instructor remain to and erratic or honoree
· Employee of Non-Educative or administration, that is accounting staff remain to or erratic.
In doing duty in this personnel area require the administration equipment, so that duty run to be realized better. Others personnel area hold responsible fully in the effort make-up of quality and existing officer quality.

F. Financial and Material Administration
School undertake to manage the finance problem or often referred with the Revenue Plan and School Expense, which this APBS is consisted of the report comprising development expense and also unforeseen costs or other technical expense.

G. Secretariat Administration

Secretariat Administration school manage fully the vertical communications problem and also horizontal in school and also extramural.
Activity arrange the other effort is manage the documentation important features in activity institute the education. Arrange the effort also manage the administration equipment like stationery etcetera.

My Comment:
Every thing which have been burdened by trust which must be executed obligingly and high level professionalism because this matter relation to the education. There are a lot of generation base on education administration.

Learning this is really important for me because I become know about educational administration included managerial educational administration and operational administration. So, I hope I will application what I got I daily life especially in the future when I become a professional teacher.

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